About Me

A short introduction.

Some of you may know me from one of the Facebook fashion groups I am active in, or even from my days in the Tapuz forum. For those of you who don’t, here are some details about myself.
My name is May Graff. I am 32 years old from Tel aviv, Married to the world’s most wonderful man, raise 3 majestic cats with him and works as a content manager.
My personal style is very colorful, very feminine and tends to be youthful. I find inspiration in a lot of things – magazines, sites, blogs, street style etc. – but I think my biggest leap in fashion terms came when I started to regularly post pictures of myself in designated groups and forums.
There is something about this regular, daily feedback and the inspiration you get from other women’s photos that allow a great development, if you welcome it with an open mind.
I feel I still make a lot of progress fashion-wise. If two years ago I felt I am a good dresser, today I think I am much better than I was back then, and I suppose in two years’ time I’ll feel the same about today.

A bit about acceptance and self esteem.
For most of my life I thought I was extremely obese, even though I only started to gain a lot of weight after I was 18. I loved clothes from a very young age, but when puberty came and with it the high self-awareness I started – as so many bigger teenage girls do – to hide and be ashamed of myself and my body. Those were what I call “the black tent years”, named after the black tents I used to wear :-D
It was only when I left home at the age of 22 and started to support myself that I gradually dared to push the boundries and experiment different styles. It was not a swift process and it took me a lot of time between stages. I did not dare to wear a dress until I was about 25.
In the past three or four years my love for clothes and fashion moved to the next level and I started not only to look for clothes that will look good but also take interest in trends, haute couture, accessories, shoes etc.
I also started to form a more formulated perception of self acceptance. In my eyes, no person should wait until they’ll get thin (or any other goal) to dress in a way that makes them happy.
Fashion for me is a way to have fun, experiment, play with colors, textures, sillhuettes. People should not be afraid of fashion but learn to embrace and enjoy the possibilities it offers. I hope to show throught this blog that you can dress in a colorful, trendy and feminine way when you are size 20 – if you just make the choice!