Celebrating Pentecost

Last month we celebrated Pentecost (Shavuot), which is a holiday symbolizing spring, growth and renewal. In israel it is customary to wear white on this holiday.
This was an excellent chance for me to combine two of my favorite things: rule-breaking and flowers! :-D

It is known that many larger women prefer not to wear white. This photoshoot is meant to show you anyone can look great in white – on size 20 (which is my size) and on any size!
I hope it will give you ideas how to wear white clothes and where to buy them.

I wanted the set to be filled with flowers since Pentecost is all about spring, so we shot the production on a rose garden. I knew what I was going to wear, but something was missing… and then I met the jewellery designer Liora and gave me the final touch.
Liora designes in a very unique way – she takes real flowers and coats them in different materials that make them look like fresh flowers, only much more resistant, naturally. It was the perfect choice for such a floral photoshoot.
You can also get Liora’s lovely pieces on her site.

Blue butterflies dress from Dorothy Perkins and rose petal jewels.

DSC_1654+fb DSC_1656+fb DSC_1659+fb DSC_1672+fb DSC_1676+fb

Numa‘s wonderful dress (which is named after me!) combined with green accesories and Basil earrings, which I especially loved and also bought for myself.

DSC_1689+fb DSC_1697+fb DSC_1706+fb DSC_1716+fb DSC_1718+fb

A romantic look wearing a rosy Dorothy Perkins dress and green daisies for ring and necklace.

DSC_1734+fb DSC_1745+fb DSC_1752+fb

Vintage look wearing a white dress with red dots, orange rose earrings and a netted veil.

DSC_1776+fb DSC_1782+fb DSC_1791+fb DSC_1813+fb

A slightly more casual look wearing a top from Onot and skinny jeans from Asos. The Basil necklace gave the final touch.

DSC_1873+fb DSC_1878+fb DSC_1885+fb

A very old dress by Dorothy Perkins with yellow accesories and a chrysanthemum necklace.

DSC_1910+fb DSC_1928+fb DSC_1931+fb

Last but not least, my favorite look from this photoshoot. A draped shirt by Talia, Skirt from ML and a Pansy necklace.

DSC_1832+fb DSC_1833+fb DSC_1834+fb DSC_1841+fb DSC_1852+fb

In addition to the outfits we also took a few pictures of jewels alone:
A purple Daisy ring.


Earrings and necklace of pink roses.


Coral rose on an adjustable necklace.


And a slightly awkward attempt to mimic a pin-up posture wearing a pink rose ring and purple-ish rose petal earrings.


Photographer: Uri Haelyon
Production: Leo Tana.

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