eBay Finds: Springtime Edition

So the first day of spring was a couple of days ago, and Easter/Passover are soon upon us. And what is better suited for spring fashion than flowers?
Hence, this post will focus on flowery items from eBay, from sellers I know are reliable.
Please note: since shipment is different for every country I will only mention the item’s price, without including shipment.

We’ll start with this lovely minty top with floral details. It would be perfect with a pair of white/cream Jeans.
Price: 23$

I especially love flowers on a white background, like in this gracefull dress. It would look great with green or powder-pink accesories.
Price: 27$
$_57 (1)

Another bright dress, originally by Dorothy Perkins.
Price: 32$
$_57 (2)

A 50’s style dress, Originally by Debenhams. It can be worn with a petticoat for a fuller skirt and a more “periodic” look.
$_57 (3)
2015-03-01 10.55.27

This tunic, which can also be a dress if you are petite like me, comes in three colours: purple, mint green and pale pink.
Price: 11$
$_57 (9)

If you prefer darker colors you’ll still be able to pull off florals with this blue-purple dress.
Price: 38$
$_57 (5)

When you need to look extremely sexy, the next dress is a great option: strapless pencil dress with a sweetheart neckline in black and white. You are sure to dazzle.
Price: 44$
$_57 (6)

This casual floral skirt is sewnupon order and so it reaches very large sizes. It is also good for women who tend to have problems with lengths (too long/too short) since this variant can also be chosen.
Price: 12$
$_57 (7)

A cute floral top, originally from Evans.
Price: 17$
$_57 (8)

And while we deal with flowers, why not also look at some floral jewellery? The right Jewellery in the right context can completely elevate a look.

A bold-colored statement necklace.
Price: 7.12$

A colorful ring (note that I have linked to size 8, but there are other sizes available in the sellers’ page).
Price: 6$
$_57 (4)

And lastly, cute earrings which are so cheap it does not even worth debating.
Price: 1$

Have a great, fruitful spring no matter what you choose to wear!

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