Finding Inspiration: 2nd Edition

After I wrote the first post on this series (less than 2 months ago) I thought it would take at least half a year before I’ll be able to write another one.
Happily, that post got me exposed to so many new blogs of amazing women, full fo style and chic that does not give a f*** about what bigger girls “should” wear. here are some of them:

With Wonder and Whimsy
If you know me long enough you know I have a slight redhead fetish… and this one is as red-headed as you can get! She has a romantic style that works wonderfully with her bright tones. I wonder if she is originally british, since she has such a classic “english rose” look.

Inside Allie’s World
One of the reasons I like Allie’s blog is that she shows options for daily and professional workwear that can be just as chic as formal and evening wear. She is a must-read blogger for any professional woman who wants to improve her style.

Boardroom Blonde
Blonde and perky – this is Jolene’s vibe. Her looks are mostly colorful, summer-y and fun – sort of a plus size version to a California beach girl. she is not afraid of bikinis and crop tops and looks fab in them.

Cloud +14
Thera has “takes no bullshit” vibe to her. I particularly love her tougher looks. She is also a master in combining one dominant accesory that completely elevates her look to other levels.

Grown and Curvy Woman
It is extremely hard to believe that I have only discovered Georgette’s blog a couple of weeks ago. I find her absolutely Perfect: sophisticated, full of class and also trendy and fashionable without becoming a fashion victim.
As the name of her blog suggests she also appeals to older women and shows age is irrelevant when it comes to chic.

My Curves and Curls
With a head full of curls and a closet full of gorgeous clothes Assa’s blog is of special interest to taller women. At almost 1.80 she is not afraid of high heels and gives a lot of useful advices on dressing up taller women and where you can find clothes that fit them.

Pretty Plus Pep
Pretty Pepper is particularly fond of vintage clothes, and she is very good at combining them (or modern clothes in retro design) with contemporary pieces. She is also not afraid of colors and bold accesories with an edge.

The je ne sais quoi
So much coolness on one blog! Jeniese loves to explore and try different styles and trends which makes her a very interesting blogger to follow. Her love of fashion is very evident and her style senses are flawless.

Golden Kaleidoscope
If there ever was someone to put the Curve in Curvalicious it’s Essie Golden. The girl has the perfect hour glass figure and she is not afraid to flaunt it! This might not be the style for the shy ones, but if you dig that look you have a lot to learn from her.

Lion Hunter
I wanna be that girl when I grow up!
Seriously though. I have seen many blogs but I am yet to find out another woman who is so unafraid of combining prints, colors, statement accesories etc. She is one big celebration of life and fashion and chic. just get into her blog and be prepared to swoon.

And now for a bonus – 2 more israeli plus size bloggers. And this is the place to point out again that I was amazed at the low number of plus size bloggers in Israel. I am only familiar with 6 (including myself). Hopefully this will change soon.

Anat The Banker
Besides being a blogger Anat is also one of my favorite women in this community. She started her blog to show the available options for 30+ plus size women, with an emphasis on career women. Her blog has lots of information about various designers, brands and shops that offer plus size clothing.

Fashion Kitty
And one last and particularly loved blogger is the fair Miri, who has one of the most impressive shoe collections I have ever seen. She did not update the blog much in the past few months but soon she’s coming back with full power on, so it’s worth waiting for.

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