Going off the deep end

For almost a year now I am dreaming about making this blog happen.

It began with the will to find a more permanent platform to share both my outfits and my agendas in all sorts of fashion and size issues. Later, people on Facebook groups I use kept asking me if there is any place they can follow me.

However, this dream failed to come into fruition. I kept postponing it, every time for a different reason. My husband and I are supposed to move out to our own home, and I wanted to start with the blog together with the new house – a sort of new beginning in several fronts.

One of the reasons for that is that I currently don’t have a decent enough place to take pictures.

But as they say… dreams and reality often don’t go together. Our moving out got delayed several times, and as time passed my urge to start this blog only grew stronger.

A talk I had with one charming lady made me realize that there will always be excuses and reasons to wait. But if something is burning inside you, you just need to get up and do it!

So here I am, doing just that. Going off the deep end.

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נכתב ע”י
יותר מ- May Graff

לוק יומי 9.6.17

חולצה: צילה. מכנסיים: קווין סייז. עגילים: איביי (ישנים). נעליים: Gabor אוסטריה. תגובות...
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