London Fashion Week – Fall 2015

London Fashion week is smaller than the New York version, so naturally there’s less to show.
However it certainly did not fall in quality, and I actually thought it featured even more interesting shows and bold designs. So without further ado…

Burberry Prorsum

Burberry Prorsum1 Burberry Prorsum2


Erdem1 Erdem2 Erdem3

Jonathan Saunders

I really like graphic elements, and this colorful, youthful version is really fun and eye-catching.

Jonathan Saunders1 Jonathan Saunders2 Jonathan Saunders3

Lucas Nascimento

Lucas Nascimento1 Lucas Nascimento2

Mary Katrantzou

The queen of prints did not let down with some especially gorgeous coats.

Mary Katrantzou1 Mary Katrantzou2 Mary Katrantzou3

Matthew Williamson

Sleek and elegant, though the choice of shoes really bothered me.

Matthew Williamson1 Matthew Williamson2 Matthew Williamson3


Preen1 Preen2


Roksanda1 Roksanda2

More pictures and impressions can be found in my dedicated Pinterest page, and on which offer the most complete coverage of all Fashion Weeks. All pictures on this post are taken from

The next coverage will be of Milan – home to some of my own personal favorites like Stella Jean and Luisa Beccaria. Don’t miss it this weekend.

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נכתב ע”י
יותר מ- May Graff

לוק יומי 11.7.19

שמלה: טונשיניו (מותג שנסגר). חגורה: נקסט. עגילים:ישנים. נעליים:קלארקס. תגובות באמצעות פייסבוק תגובות
קרא/י עוד

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